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My journey as a „single singer“ in Asia – Part 1

Vocal-Blog.Net - 26 August, 2016 - 21:21
by Juliana Baron, Vocal Blog Asia, August 2016 My journey as a single singer in Asia – Part 1 Two years ago, I moved from a comparatively small town in Germany to the 20-million-metropolis Shanghai. To continue my passion for singing and at the same time making some Chinese friends, I wanted to join some local [...]
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LMA Vocal Music Summer Course 2016: Amarcord

Vocal-Blog.Net - 30 Juni, 2016 - 13:07
by Florian Städtler, Vocal Blog founder, who interviewed Rolf Ehlers, Director of Landesmusik-Akademie Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany About our interview guest: Rolf Ehlers is fascinated of vocal music since his childhood. Even his parents met in a choir, so he grew up with choral music. He studied musicology, German and Italian language in Freiburg and developed a [...]
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