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Tobias Hug Passed Away

European Voices News - 9 Januar, 2020 - 16:54
With great sorrow have we received the information that Tobias Hug has passed away.   Tobi has been active in the a-cappella-scene for more than 20 years.   While being active as beatboxer on stage, he also loved showing young people the beautiful use of ones own voice - for vocal songs, but also for beatboxing.   He created the worldwide largest beatbox-choir in Hong Kong (with over 7000 young people beatboxing simultaneously) and supported multiple festivals, not to mention the festival he created by himself, the Black Forest Voices Festival in Kirchzarten (Germany).       Tobi was a founding member of EVA and supported the idea of EVA where he was able to.   We lost a good friend today.   Tilo, Karin, Hanno and Thomas Article Category: InformationFeatured: Yes (promoted to the Featured Articles Section)Appears on Home Slide: YesRate this Article:  Select ratingGive Tobias Hug Passed Away 1/5Give Tobias Hug Passed Away 2/5Give Tobias Hug Passed Away 3/5Give Tobias Hug Passed Away 4/5Give Tobias Hug Passed Away 5/5 No votes yet
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