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Ensemble Nobiles (English)

Ensemble Nobiles was founded in January 2006. The choristers met each other during their nine-year education in fine arts as members of the St. Thomas Boys Choir Leipzig.

Their repertoire ranges from late medieval mass songs to modern age works. The five young musicians attach great importance to the works of German Romantic composers, such as Schubert, Schumann and Mendelssohn Bartholdy, as well as to their extensive repertoire of church music.

The ensemble successfully collaborates with a number of other artists, such as the composers Manfred Schlenker, Volker Bräutigam (both Leipzig, Germany), David Hamilton (Auckland, New Zealand) and Jeremy Rawson (London, BBC Symphony Chorus).

Ensemble Nobiles participated in practical seminars under the direction of vocal teacher Werner Schüssler, Dr. John Potter (The Hilliard Ensemble), Anders Jalkéus (The Real Group), vocal quintet amarcord and The Hilliard Ensemble.

Extracts from several concerts by Ensemble Nobiles were broadcasted in a number of countries.

In addition to several performances in Germany on significant occasions like the renowned Bachfest Leipzig the ensemble also performed in New Zealand, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands.

2013 - 6th Choir Competition of Saxony(GER) - 1st place in the category 'Vokalensemble' and special price from the Ministry of State for science and cultural affairs.

2013 - 2013 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award Nominees: category "Best Classical Song" - “Gott Wohnt in Einem Lichte” on Eine Deutsche Messe / A German Mass by Ensemble Nobiles (the only one without english text)
2014 - 40th German Music Competition Bonn, Germany - Ensemble Nobiles received a grant from the German Music Council (a member of the International Music Council and the biggest umbrella organisation of the world) and were named to the Federal Selection of Concerts for Young Artists, which recognized young professional musicians. Furthermore the five singers won the Special Prize and a second grant awarded by Deutsche Stiftung Musikleben (under the patronage of the Federal President)and a grant by the Marie-Luise Imbusch-Foundation, Lubeck(Germany).
Two months later Ensemble Nobiles won the First Prize of the German National Choir Competition Weimar.
2016 - International A Cappella Comepetition - Gold Diploma and Ward-Swingle-Award of Category 'Classical Vocalensemble'

2016 - 48th Tolosa Choral Contest - 2nd Prize Category 'Vocalensemble Sacred Music'

*** A German Mass ***
Ensemble Nobiles has already earned itself a place in the a cappella pantheon. The five former choristers of the famed St. Thomas Church choir in Leipzig present a recording of Franz Schubert’s German Mass and skillfully round off the disc with contemporary motet settings.

The young ensemble not only performs settings by church musicians such as Hugo Distler and Manfred Schlenker, but also feature the works of several St. Thomas cantors.

The motet Verleih uns Frieden gnädiglich (Grant us your gracious peace) by the current Leipzig Thomaskantor Georg Christoph Biller brings this CD of sacred vocal works full circle – from Schubert all the way to the music of our times.


*** Be welcome ***
Just as boys' voices suffuse the streets of a city, still asleep, on a crystal-clear December morning – that's how the Ensemble Nobiles sings to us on its second GENUIN CD. A cappella music is on the programme, in a broad curve extending from the quiet beginning of the church year on the first Sunday of Advent and the jubilation of Christmas to the prophetic Feast of the Epiphany. The members of the quintet originally sang in the Choir of St. Thomas's and are currently winning one prize after the other. The ensemble's flawlessly pure intonation is as convincing as its musical culture and choice of pieces. Here is an alternative for the Christmas season for all those who are looking for fresh repertoire, both old and new, from the Renaissance to the present day – utterly harmonious!


*** Hugo Distler (Sjaella and Nobiles) ***
Commemorating the 70th anniversary of Hugo Distlers death, two successful vocal ensembles from Leipzig perform together on a single CD for the first time. The three- and four-voice motets recorded by the young ladies of the Sjaella sextet and the five young gentlemen of the Ensemble Nobiles represent some of the highlights from Distlers choral oeuvre: the Jahrkreis op. 5, and the Geistliche Chormusik op. 12. One of the composers best-known works, the Totentanz op. 12 no. 2, stands at the heart of this disc.

The fourteen motets for Eternity Sunday contained in the Totentanz op. 12 no. 2 were set to music by Hugo Distler and form the works musical part. Distler accompanies the motets with non-musical verses that narrate a dialogue between death and his numerous victims. While on the present recording some of the victims roles are spoken by the singers themselves, Heinz-Martin Benecke lends death his charismatic voice.

The Totentanztopos is known especially through its pictorial representations of deaths hold on human life thatwere popular during the fourteenth century. The LübeckTotentanz, for example, depicts clerics and lay people, from the Pope to an innocent child, in descending hierarchical order and separatesthem from each other by a dancing image of death clothed with a shroud. Its central message is: everyone, be he emperor or slave, will perish.

Management: Sascha Hille
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